Bosch Bakers Kit Accessory Pac

The Baker’s Pack is designed to help you perfect the process of making your favorite breads, cakes, and other baked goods in way that is simply unmatched. This attachment collection includes Cookie Paddles for kneading wet or dry cookie dough, Cake Paddles for beating cake batter, an ingenious Metal Whip Driver for heavier ingredients (Cookie and Cake Paddles must be used with the metal whip driver), as well as a handy Bowl Scraper with a tapered end for ensuring everything in mixed throughly without having to stop and use a spatula.

If you already own a metal whip driver, you can purchase the Cookie Paddles or Cake Paddles separately.

  • Cookie Paddles
  • Cake Paddles
  • Bowl Scraper
  • Metal Whip Driver
  • BestBread Dough Mix
  • FDA Compliant & BPA Free
  • 1 Year Warranty