Smeg Espresso Machine

Make top-notch, Italian-approved espresso with this eye-catching machine from Smeg. Designed with a nod to the joyful 1950s aesthetic and a commitment to quality, advanced technology, this espresso machine gives you the freedom to adjust the temperature of your espresso and brew with either coffee grounds or paper coffee pods. It is also equipped with an adjustable cappuccino system that froths and prepares delicious, thick milk foam for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more.

Dimensions: 6" W x 13" D x 12" H

Specs & More Info:

-Stainless-steel cup holder and cup warmer

-Removable water tank with large opening for easy refilling

-Metal wrap and plastic housing with chrome-plated base

-Stainless steel frame and porta filter

-Chrome Zama steam lever

-Brews single or double espresso

-Adjustable cappuccino system with frother

-Easy controls with backlit buttons to select drink and adjust settings

-Removable stainless-steel cup tray accommodates tall glasses or mugs

-Compatible with coffee grounds and paper coffee pods

-Includes three filters (1 cup, 2 cups, paper pods) and a measuring tamper/scoop

-Thermoblock heating system for fast heat-up

-Auto shut-off

-Flow-stop function to customize espresso length

-Anti-slip feet for stability during use

-15 bars of pump pressure

-Made in China