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Article: Ramose Gin Fizz

Ramose Gin Fizz

Ramose Gin Fizz

1 ½ oz Rieger's Midwestern Dry Gin
½ oz Lemon juice
½ oz Lime juice
½ oz simple syrup
1 oz Heavy cream
Egg white
2-3 drops Orange flower water or Bittermens Orange Cream Citrate
2 oz Club soda

Tools Needed:
Jigger (various sizes from 1/2 oz to 2 oz)
Citrus Juicer (handheld is fine)
Ice for Shaking, Stirring, and Serving
Ice Scoop and Bucket
Simple Syrup (1:1 Sugar to Water, Simmer for a few minutes on the stove then cool before serving)
Paring Knife
Hawthorne Strainer
Boston Shaker or 2 Piece Tin Shaker

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