Ember Travel

Ember is one of the items we are most excited to bring to Cooks On Main this season! The travel mug is designed for on the go use- it keeps your coffee, tea, or any beverage of choice hot but in a fun techy way! The smart heated travel mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature and keep it there for up to 3 hours. We’re not sure there’s a better holiday gift for these cold winter months.

Features we love:

Easy to clean: safe to handwash, the leakproof lid is dishwasher safe

Built in battery: up to 3-hour charge time or works all day when placed on the charging station

 Temperature Range: 120 – 145 degrees, select temperature on the mug or with the Ember app

Auto Sleep: intelligently senses when to turn off and on

Ember App: Ember is smarter than your thermous because it's a connected device. Use the Ember app to set your temperature, custom presets for your favorite drinks, receive notifcations when your desired temperature is reached, personalize your mug, and more!