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Article: Genesee Street Sour

Genesee Street Sour

Genesee Street Sour

11⁄2 oz Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey
1 oz lemon juice
3⁄4 oz simple syrup
1 teaspoon Amaretto
4 drops Bittermens Orange Cream Citrate
Egg white
5 drops Angostura Bitters 

Tools Needed:
Riedel DSG Sour Glass
Jigger (various sizes - from ½oz to 2oz)
Long-Handled Bar Spoon
Ice for shaking, stirring and serving
Ice Scoop and Bucket
Simple Syrup (1:1 sugar to water ratio, simmer for a few minutes on the stove top to dissolve the sugar, let cool before using)
Julep Strainer

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