Ankarsrum Blender

The blender is made to vigorously fix everything from chopping chocolate to mixing hummus, milkshakes, and smoothies — as often and as much as you want! The slightly tapered side allows for a wide bottom to use a spatula when making thick drinks or powders. You can buy the blender seperately or in the deluxe-package together with citrus press, mincer, strainer, cookie press and pasta discs.

• The blender consists of a container, a top lid and lid plug.
• The blender can handle a maximum content of 1.3 litres when mixing.
• For safety reasons the blender is made of unbreakable plastic, Tritan copolyester, BPA free.
• Always keep your hand on the lid when operating the blender.
• The blender fits Assistent models N24-N30.