Helle Kletten Kebony

Kletten K is a unique EDC folding knife in tune with nature. Developed with the aim to find sustainable and exciting methods to offer dark wood with a local origin.

Kletten K is the sister knife of Kletten. A perfect pocket size companion for every day carry (EDC). Its robust construction with a back lock mechanism and scandi grind blade makes this a perfect companion for any adventure and has quickly become a staff favorite.

Kebony is actually not a type of wood, but rather an improvement of traditional, softer Northern wood. By adding furfuryl alcohol (based on waste biomass), the cell structure is altered in a secret process. The infusion locks the wood cells and strengthens the material by 50% in the process and stabilizes the wood.

If sealed with oil and treated occasionally, the handle will remain dark. If untreated, it will turn grey and get an aged look.

This unique pocket knife takes its name from a small and rugged hill known as “Kletten” by the locals, situated near the Helle factory and overlooking the small village of Holmedal.

The short blade is made from Helle triple laminated stainless steel and has a classic Scandinavian grind.

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