Immersion Blender

We're bringing 100 years of Vitamix expertise to you first hand-held blender. The immersion Blender combines precision design with powerful performace to bring you a truly hands-on blending experience.


The Immersion Blender delivers performace you can trust. Create ideal textures from whole-food ingredients like greens and frozen fruit, and enjoy the convenience of blending in your favorite container.

Powerful Motor:
The 625-Watt motor easily blends tough ingredients for all your favorite recipes.

One-Handed Operation:
Whether you're right or left handed, the Immersion Blender makes it easy to operate the blender with one hand while adding ingredients with the other.

Precise Textures:
5 speeds and our 4-pronged blade help you creat your ideal textures for every blend.

Unique Bell Guard:
Our specially designed bell guard reduces suction and helps ingredients flow easily through the blades while protecting pots, pans, and your favorite blending containers from scratches.

Blend in ANY Container:
With our Immersion Blender, you can blend in any container with a 3-inch wide (or larger) opening, including a smoothie cup or a 1-quart wide-mouth Mason Jar

Cord for Convenience:
The Immersion Blender has a  long 5-foot cord for ease of use, so you can blend with dependable power.