Starter Spice Kit

Every kitchen needs spices, and this six piece kit includes the essentials for all kinds of tasty meals. 

  • Whatever! All-Purpose Blend is one of our top-selling blends as it can literally go on anything! This blend contains salt, garlic, onion, oregano and celery seed.
  • Main Street Rib Rub is a crucial component to really great ribs. With this spice blend and a little patience, your ribs will be fit for a king. 
  • Peppercorns Rainbow Blend- In our beautiful mix of peppercorns we added more of the fancy green and pink peppercorns to elevate your dishes with a mild yet aromatic sweet heat. 
  • Spuds Potato Seasoning is another all-purpose blend of herbs, garlic, flakey salt, and onion. This MSG-free topping adds so much depth to the usually bland potato. 
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is not only an eye-catching addition to your spice rack, it is also considered the most pure from of salt available. 
  • Ole & Lena is the trusty childhood bestfriend of spices. A simple but essential mix of salt and pepper that is perfectly predictable and just right for timid Scandinavian palettes.