Usa Lasagna Pan With Lid

The USA PAN® lasagna and roasting pan is high-performance, deep bakeware that provides home bakers with an easy way to bake warm, mouth-watering homemade lasagnas. This deep dish lasagna pan has a baking surface that is perfectly designed for placing 6 oven-ready lasagna noodles across the bottom and the pan can be filled with nearly two full 1-pound boxes of oven ready, no boil, or regular lasagna noodles for a hearty lasagna. Bring a perfect smile to the whole family with traditional or modern casseroles, baked chicken, lasagnas, baked zitis, and more. Easy grip handles make this deep lasagna pan very easy to pull out of the oven. Whether you are baking a delicious six cheese lasagna for a dinner with friends or just want a quick and easy way to have a warm, home cooked meal, the USA PAN® lasagna pan is the perfect pan for you. The lid was specifically designed to fit the USA PAN® lasagna and roasting pan like a glove. Use the lid to store in the fridge overnight or pop on top of the pan to make for spill free transport.