Usa Rect Cake Pan With Lid

The USA PAN® Rectangular Cake Pan and Lid Set measures a full provides home bakers with an easy way to bake moist cakes, brownies, and bar cookies that cook evenly, release quickly, and come out tasting great! whether you are looking to bake your favorite delicious chocolate fudge brownies, crispy rice treats, or cheesecake bars, The USA PAN® Rectangular Cake Pan is the perfect pan for baking unforgettable cakes for your friends and family. The lid was specifically designed to fit the USA PAN® Rectangular Cake Pan like a glove and comes with a handle to allow for easy transport. Use the lid to store baked goods overnight or pop on top of the pan to make for flawless and safe movement between locations (no Crying over spilled milk or ruined frosting here!). 

Outer Dimensions: Pan: 13.625 x 9.5 x 2.25 inches Lid: 13.8125 x 9.6875 x 2.75 inches

Easy carry lid for easy transport and protection of baked goods

Unique, ridged texture, facilitates even air circulation and heat distribution

Hand wash bakeware in warm water with mild dishwashing soap using a sponge, rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not place in dishwasher. 

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