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The Wusthof easy edge electric premium belt-driven knife sharpener is made for home use and designed for knives sharpened using Precision Edge Technology (PEtec). Features three speeds and an internal vacuum system for collection of metallic debris. Includes three belts (P120, X30 and X4), which also boasts an intelligent timing system to ensure optimal sharpening. In addition to straight edge blades, the machine also hones serrated knives.

Easy Edge by Wusthof was developed exclusively in collaboration with Work Sharp - world renowned innovators for everything to do with knife sharpening and knife connoisseurs since 1973. All Easy Edge griding machine by Wusthof are assembled by hand in Oregon, USA.
  • Simpel one-touch pre-programmed controls guide you through 3 sharpening stages without the guesswork
  • Blad angle guides are set to 14 degrees using Prescision Edge Technology (PEtec)
  • Use the Shape button if your knife is very dull or has damage to repair
  • The Sharpen button exposes a fresh cutting edge, monthly
  • Use Refine to maintain your edge weekly
  • Made in the USA wit a 3-year warranty: 7" x 4.5" x 5" tall